Salmon Fishing Rods

Salmon remain one of the most popular species of fish for fishing enthusiasts to try to catch. It helps that they’re one of the most versatile fish species and that schools of them are to be found in a great many waterways, including both inland bodies of freshwater and the salty depths of the open [...]

Personalized Welcome Mat

When guests come over to your house, your front door is the first thing that they see. You’ll start things off right and give them a good first impression if you lay out an eye-catching personalized welcome mat that says who lives here and says it with attractive color combinations and graceful lettering. Buying a [...]

Overhead Storage System

That ceiling space in your garage is there for a reason—storing stuff. Why try to cram all your goods on the floor? After all, a garage’s floor is only so big. You can run out of room on it pretty quickly and, if you’re like some people, start to have trouble even fitting your car [...]

Wish You Were Here Guitar Tabs

Pink Floyd owes its name and much of its early musical influence and style to original front man Syd Barrett. When Barrett succumbed to a gradual mental breakdown circa 1967-1968, fellow band members picked up the pieces and continued to be a hugely successful musical group. But they would not forget him. In 1975, guitarists [...]

Wide Screen TV Stands

Compatibility is key when you’re looking for a stand for your TV set. Any good stand won’t necessarily do—not if the TV or the stand is too big or too small. You’ve got to measure your TV and evaluate your room and viewing angles, then determine what proportions to look for in the TV stand. [...]

Video Game Guitar Tabs

Experienced musicians know how to read tablature and thereby play the tunes that they like. Amateur music fans might not be versed in how to read tabs, but that doesn’t mean that they have to miss out on the fun. Video game guitar tabs allow them to play songs with no knowledge of sheet music [...]

USB Barcode Reader

Barcode readers and computers work in tandem nowadays, and so the newest models of barcode readers are designed with universal serial bus (USB) interfaces to allow easy connections to computer systems. Connecting a USB barcode reader and a computer isn’t too difficult, as long as you have a basic understanding of both pieces of equipment. [...]

Under The Bridge Guitar Tabs

The Red Hot Chili Peppers hit “Under the Bridge,” a deceivingly ambient melody in which front man Anthony Keidis relates his struggle with heroin addiction, still gets regular radio play nearly 20 years after its debut on the 1992 album “Blood Sugar Sex Magik.” It also gets repeated props from aspiring guitarists in dorm rooms [...]

Trundle Bed Frames

Lots of stores host two-for-one specials from time to time. But one type of bed is a twofer special that you can partake of just about any day of the year. That bed is a trundle bed (also called a trumple bed or a truckle bed), and its claim to fame is that it is [...]

Trout Fishing Rods

When spring starts and the weather begins to warm, the trout comes out to feed. Fishing enthusiasts who like to catch trout especially look forward to this time of year for the feeding binges that schools of trout will embark on at major tributaries, rivers, and underwater springs. You’ll be in good stead if you’re [...]