Salmon Fishing Rods

Salmon remain one of the most popular species of fish for fishing enthusiasts to try to catch. It helps that they’re one of the most versatile fish species and that schools of them are to be found in a great many waterways, including both inland bodies of freshwater and the salty depths of the open ocean (salmon spawn and are born in freshwater but live the majority of their lives in saltwater).

You therefore have a great selection of fishing hotspots for you to visit and catch salmon. Hit a few up, once you’ve gotten yourself one or more trusty salmon fishing rods.

Salmon fishing rods for saltwater fishing put a premium on rod strength. Like most ocean-going fish, salmon that live in the ocean will likely have a lot more fight in them than their inland counterparts, most of whom are at the end of their spawn and therefore more demure.

Though freshwater salmon fishing can be a challenge, too. You’ll find lots of freshwater salmon in fast-moving rivers that are interspersed with rocky rapids. Good-sized salmon will be heavy enough, but the drag effect of the water current will make them feel doubly heavy. Be prepared to work your arms when going after them, and make sure your fishing rod is up for the task.

But since freshwater fishing may involve a lot of trekking through the back country, portability will be a critical factor when you’re looking for freshwater-appropriate salmon fishing rods. Steer clear of those pocket-sized mini fishing rods; they’re definitely portable enough but might be too brittle to withstand the pull of grown salmon. Pick out a sturdy segmented fishing rod that you can break up into its two or three composite parts and store in a compact fishing storage box, and you should be good.

The Lamiglas G200 Salmon and Steelhead series is one popular brand of rods for salmon fishing. Top-notch guides equipped with rings of aluminum oxide are one of their features, as are high-quality cork handles and up-locking reel seats that have cushioned hoods. The rod blanks are made of graphite and bear high gloss finishes and metallic ice-blue trims. All these rods are two-piece rods and earn high marks for portability.

The Fenwick HMX Salmon and Steelhead Fishing Rods also deserve mention. Outfitted with dual-tapered graphite blank design that has cross-scrim construction, these rods can definitely handle the pull of salmon caught on their lines.

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